Skoči do osrednje vsebine

The Council

The Council consists of five members, of whom one is the president. The Director of the Agency is also the president of the Council. The members of the Council are appointed and dismissed by the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia at the proposal of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia. The members of the Council are appointed for a six-year term of office with the possibility of re-appointment.

The Council is competent for adopting the Rules of Procedure of the Agency and the implementing of regulations issued by the Agency, as well as deciding on licences, approvals and other individual matters, unless otherwise stipulated by law. It is also in charge of adopting the annual report on the work of the Agency and the report on the situation on the market in financial instruments, which must be submitted to the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia and the annual plan of the expert services of the Agency. The Council adopts the Agency’s annual accounts, which are audited by a certified auditor, and its financial plan, which is subject to approval by the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia. The Council also performs other tasks within the Agency’s scope of responsibilities unless stipulated by law that another body of the Agency is responsible for performing those tasks.

The Agency decides on individual cases according to the procedure set out in the ZTFI, unless otherwise stipulated. The procedural bodies are the Senate and the President of the Senate. The Senate decides on all individual matters to be resolved by a decision, unless the law stipulates the competence of the President of the Senate for an individual case, and on appeals against the orders of the President of the Senate. The Senate consists of all the members of the Council (of whom one is the President of the Senate), except in a procedure for deciding on individual matters pursuant to the Takeovers Act, when, as a rule, it consists of three members of the Council. The provisions of the law governing general administrative procedure shall apply to the Agency’s decision-making procedure, unless otherwise stipulated by the ZTFI.

Members of the Council are: 

Anka Čadež,

Primož Damjanovič,

Katja Jurančič Bratina, MSc,

Gorazd Čibej, MSc and

Dragan Kesič, PhD.


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