Skoči do osrednje vsebine


ATVP collects various questions from all interested parties - established market participants, as well as new companies (start ups), namely in relation to the legislation and ATVP's procedures in the field of financial innovations.

Examples of innovations are applications based on artificial intelligence, robo-advisory and big data, crypto-assets, alternative product distribution models, DLT and blockchain technology and others.

When assessing whether it is an innovation, it is important whether the intended products or services contribute to easier and faster access to services in the area of the capital market in Slovenia, what is their impact on reducing costs, do they take into account the interests of investors in the market as well as their connection with existing legislation or regulatory requirements. 

When communicating, it is important to present the advantages and innovations in your proposals, explain why they differ from the existing ones or well-known products and services on the financial market.

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