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Contact point

All interested parties are invited to send their questions to the following email: 

Depending on the type of specific proposal, ATVP will provide with information on the further cooperation (meeting, written response...) as soon as possible.


Opinions provided by ATVP in the context of the exchange of information on this site are not binding and do not replace permissions or approvals that are an integral part of ATVP's regular procedures, since the documents attached to the questions in the contact point may differ from the documents and explanations in the regular or specific procedures for issuing licenses at ATVP. For the correctness of the information provided in the context of the questions or inquiries are the responsibility of the person asking the question/initiative/inquiry. ATVP does not assume responsibility for the correctness and completeness of information and assessments based on the provided data and documentation of the interested party. ATVP's opinions do not constitute advice and are not made public. Final permission or confirmation is the result of formal procedures at ATVP based on an official application for obtaining a license and in accordance with the applicable legislation and powers of ATVP.

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