Skoči do osrednje vsebine

Any questions/ideas/initiatives sent to ATVP

ATVP will provide answers to the specific questions, which means that it is necessary to provide accurate description of the specific situation, product, technological solution, business model, etc. In the description of the business model, it is necessary to list all the intended participants and the business relationships between them (relevant documentation is also desirable), the rules that apply to the product or service, information on any already obtained licenses from (other) regulators, target markets, information about whether the proposal includes the management of customer funds, etc.

ATVP would like to provide support to interested parties in dealing with various regulatory frameworks in the field of capital markets, so that they will obtain all the information that is important for the safe start of projects and ideas, taking into account the possible risks that may arise from the use of new technologies. 

ATVP will provide information on the conditions for the performance of regulated activities in various areas of operation, explain the procedures for issuing licenses, supervisory procedures and provide other relevant information from the field of ATVP's work that is significant for individual financial innovation.

Please note that this place is not intended to provide advice in specific cases, opinions on previous specific licenses and potential supervisory decisions that fall within the scope of the ATVP's  regular work. 

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