Skoči do osrednje vsebine

License to provide investment services

Investment services and activities in the Republic of Slovenia can only be performed by certain persons (brokerage companies and banks, and to a limited extent also management companies and managers of alternative investment funds), who have previously obtained the appropriate license from the supervisory authority. 

The license to provide investment services to brokerage companies are issued by ATVP. 

License is a confirmation issued by ATVP that the structure of the company complies with the provisions of the regulations that must be used by brokerage companies and that the company has established appropriate systems, procedures and internal rules to be able to meet all the prescribed requirements. Only after obtaining a license a company can start providing investment services and activities. 

With the obtained license to provide investment services and activities, the company can also provide these services in other EU Member States, either directly or through branches in these countries. 

A license to provide investment services and activities can only be issued to a company if, at the same time, a license for qualified holdings of individual owners (if any) and a license for board members is also issued. 

In addition, the members of the supervisory board of the company and natural persons who carry out the execution of orders on behalf of clients, investment advice and portfolio management also need license. 

A license must be obtained for one or more investment services and activities. 

If the company also wants to provide ancillary services, it must obtain a license for these as well, which is included in the license for the provision of investment services and activities. 

License fee: 400 points for each investment service but not more than 1.200 points in total, 200 points for each auxiliary service but not more than 600 points in total. The point value is EUR 4.20. The annual fee for supervising the provision of investment services amounts to 7.200 points, or 600 points per month. If a person performs only one of the investment services, the annual supervision fee is 5.040 points, or 420 points per month. 

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